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8 months ago
Here for the drama and yeast comments
BBC 6 months ago
This softy be making love with his soft ass. Drill her ass. We don't wanna see that lame ass love stroke whole time. U scared u finna bust quick every episode.
Blahhh 7 months ago
But his hands are white lol
4 months ago
Shorty got a nice ass but y’all sex is boring as hell. Y’all should keep that to yourselves
BBC 6 months ago
I can tell he only like white girls. He passionate and shit. Like that's all he had.
DirectAssTV 8 months ago
What’s playing on the TV?
Heyyy 8 months ago
It’s the tv in the back round for me lol
8 months ago
When you start exhaling slow you know you in deep trouble
9 months ago
I need to fuck you
Rick 8 months ago
What kind of panties are those that double a handles I must purchase