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Blondie 5 years ago
I came before they even finished with the face fucking
XxDudley 5 years ago
They've definitely changed the ebony amateur scene so salute to the innovators but something's awfully unsettling about them doing 69 and he's asshole out on top??
lol 3 years ago
i’d love to get face fucked
Mmm 5 years ago
She looked bored as hell.
I think... 8 years ago
I think that Shay has the best body I've ever seen! It's just perfect! Love to fuck you!!
francis 9 years ago
shay you are the best. get me a call if roc happend to give you a hard time. i love you
damn 9 years ago
She suck a mean ass dick goddamn
Girl crush 5 years ago
I have the biggest girl crush on shay. How am a booty be so perfect? I don't even know what I would do with it but I want it
Ashetc 5 years ago
Martin of your money and forth between
Rarity 5 years ago
Can she cream though? Or lets squirt. Borring